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Reach CEOs and product managers in the Software and Internet industry.

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Connect With GPs, Principals, and Angels Looking To Invest In Startups.

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Connect directly with investors who are actively seeking new opportunities in your industry. Streamline your fundraising efforts by reaching out to those who are ready to invest.

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Gain access to detailed profiles of potential customers and key decision-makers. Target your sales pitches to individuals and companies most likely to buy from you.

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Identify and connect with potential business partners and collaborators. Build relationships with industry leaders and stakeholders who can help grow your business.

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Tell us who your Ideal Prospect is

Provide us with details about your ideal customer profile (ICP). This ensures we target the right audience for your needs.

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Simply choose the number of leads you want. Our extensive database of over 300 million B2B professionals guarantees high-quality, relevant leads.

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Enjoy flexible pricing options, including pay-as-you-go, unlimited monthly, and lifetime plans. Pay only for the leads you need, with no hidden fees.


60,000 Contacts - $112.99

30,000 Contacts - $67.99

20,000 Contacts - $44.99

15,000 Contacts - $26.99

10,000 Contacts - $22.99

4,000 Contacts - $18.99

2,000 Contacts - $14.99

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We ask for detailed information to ensure the leads you receive are perfectly matched to your needs. Get started with tailored leads designed just for you.


We ask for detailed information about your target audience during the sign-up process. This includes Industries, Job Titles, Locations, Company Revenues, Specific Companies, etc. If you’re unsure, our team can help you define it to ensure you receive the most relevant leads.

Your tailored leads will be delivered to your email within 24 hours after checkout.

Our team takes the time to hand-pick your leads from our database.

Within your CSV output you will receive comprehensive contact information, including the following fields:

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Title, Company Name, Mailing Address, Primary City, Primary State, ZIP Code, Country, Phone, Web Address, Email, Revenue, Employee, Industry, Sub Industry.

This detailed data ensures you can effectively target and personalize your outbound campaigns.

All of our leads are located in United States or Canada. We do not have or use data from any other countries at this time.

With our monthly unlimited subscription, you can make unlimited requests for up to 60,000 contacts at a time, one request at a time, for the entire month. This plan ensures you always have a steady stream of high-quality leads to support your sales efforts.

The Lifetime License gives you full access to our entire database of over 300 million records for a one-time price. You will receive a link to download CSV and XLSX files of all the partitioned datasets, allowing you to access and utilize the data as needed without any recurring fees.

We cater to a wide range of businesses, including tech startups, SaaS companies, e-commerce businesses, B2B service providers, and those fundraising via venture fund LPs/GPs.

No, we offer a flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing model. You only pay for the leads you need.

We do offer monthly and yearly subscriptions for those who need a consistent flow of leads every month. If you select a monthly plan, your credits will reset on the day of your renewal. If you select a yearly plan, you will receive 12x the monthly contact credits instantly.

No, everything happens through the intake form on our website, and all communication/delivery happens over email.

If you sign up for an unlimited plan, your personal Account Manager will reach out to you over email, and you can make unlimited lead requests directly through them.

If you purchase a lifetime license, you will be emailed the download link to the data.

Yes, if you need help or assistance with your order - please email

At this time, we do not offer sales demos or call support.


Connect With Startup Founders Looking For Strategic Partners.

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SaaS Decision Makers Lead List Sample

Reach CEOs and product managers in the Software and Internet industry.

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B2C Decision Makers Lead List Sample

Engage with CEOs and sales directors in the Consumer Services industry

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Startup Investor Lead list Sample

Connect With General Partners, Principals, and Angel Investors Looking To Invest In Startups.

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